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Business Record Storage in Kailua-Kona, HI

How much of your expensive office space is used for storing business records that you rarely access? Are you limiting access of your confidential documents to authorized individuals? As any business owner will tell you, businesses are required to maintain records for extended periods – long after the transaction has taken place – to satisfy legal, regulatory, and fiduciary requirements. While businesses rarely need to access old records, these documents continually grow and occupy expensive office space in filing cabinets and stacked boxes. Often, confidential business records such as payroll and medical records are stored in unsecure areas, such as warehouse space that is easily accessible to unauthorized individuals.


By storing your business records at Great American Self Storage, you can save money by freeing up expensive office space, which significantly lowers your storage costs while limiting access to your confidential business records to authorized staff in our safe and secure facility. 


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